Welcome to the world of Lovely Weddings!

We are Bettina Szabados and Petra Miholics, and we love when the couple begin by saying "we don't want a traditional wedding".

It's not like we don't like traditions, but we prefer individualities and uniqueness!


Objectively, the perfect wedding doesn't exist so, in every case, our aim is to make a wedding happen that the couple feel completely their own, that can be perfect for them. This is why we think that, as wedding planners, our task is not to blindly meet all your requests and become BFFs of the bride but to provide stable professional basis using years of experience covering every tiny detail as well as to get to know the essence of the couple and reflect it throughout the whole wedding, starting from recommending service providers to the last bit of activity at the dawn of the wedding.

This is what makes the wedding individual, unique, yours!

Of course, it might happen that we talk a lot, have heart-to-hearts, a great deal of laughs and we stay in touch after the wedding, as well! The point is the wedding as well as the planning prior to it to be adorable, #lovely for the couple, for you!

Feel free to reach out to us in connection with complete or partial wedding planning!

See in how many ways we can make the process easier and enjoyable for you, guaranteeing safety regarding the wedding planning!

Do you want to plan the wedding yourselves, but you don’t know how to begin or what you have missed which would be important?

Then our consultation service is for you!